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About Sparring

Congratulations! Your child will soon attain his/her green belt.

Students with green belt and above will be tested on an additional component during their grading, sparring.


In preparation for that, your child will need to complete a minimum number of 8 sparring classes on top of his/her regular classes to be eligible for the next grading. 

Sparring classes provide your child with the opportunity to improve his/her ability to use offense and defense techniques learnt during regular lessons through sparring with opponents, in a controlled manner. 

During sparring classes, your child will need to:
- Wear the Taekwondo uniform
- Bring personal Taekwondo sparring gear
- Follow the rules for safety

Please scroll down to find out more then fill in the form at the end.

Sparring lessons price

Step 1: Please choose a package

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Sparring lessons timeslots

Step 2: Please choose a  timeslot  for sparring lessons (on top of regular lesson)

              a. Wed 5pm

              b. Fri 5pm

              c. Sat 1.30pm

              d. Sun 1.30pm

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Sparring gear price

Step 3: Purchase sparring gear 

You may purchase sparring gear from us or source for and purchase your own. This process will take some time (at least one month) so do get started as soon as you can. 

We do not have any recommendations at the moment. Be careful not to buy fake items. It helps to check reviews. You want to be sure that the items will be able to keep your child safe from sparring attacks before purchasing.

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Compulsory gear:

Optional gear:


Sparring seminar

Step 4: Sign-up for the sparring seminar

Date: 12 February 2023 (Sunday)

Time: 5.30pm to 6.30pm (1 hour)

Price: $40

Questions that will be answered:

1. What is Taekwondo sparring?

2. How do I equip my Taekwondo sparring gear?

3. What are the Taekwondo sparring rules

4. How can I develop my Taekwondo sparring skills?

Please fill in this form

Thank you for submitting

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